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Felt Atelier

Handmade in Amsterdam, Felt Atelier has the most amazing selection of colorful and funky jewelry that will elevate any outfit. Felt brings classic gold and silver hoops, color, and joy, with a quirky elegance while still making sure that each piece is handcrafted from high-quality and ethically sourced materials. Founded out of love for celebrating all emotions and jewelry, Felt brings colors and joy to everyday life through its unique pieces. Felt not only is liked and loved by local influencers such as Bruna Bear that collaborated with the label to create iconic Yin Yang earrings, but had its moment on the cover of Elle NL and Harper’s Bazaar. And it’s only the beginning because, with the new SS2022 Psychedelic Collection, the team brings even more colorful and fun pieces that will let you cherish little moments in life!

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