About Verse


Hi Guys, 

My name is Ciara, i guess the story of VERSE begins with me. A university drop out thrown into the world of corporate fashion by chance. Born in Dublin, Ireland i moved to Amsterdam at the age of 23, young and bright eyed. I thought i was going to complete an internship and return home to the hum glum world i knew, but instead i rose in the ranks of this high profile company learning quick and hard the in's and out's of this sometimes glamorous and sometimes ridiculous fashion world. 

Being able to work in such an international and exciting company was a gift and one i don't take lightly, but after some time i started to form my own vision about my tastes and saw a gap in the market for a highly curated concept that discovered and became a platform for niche, independent and more sustainable, future - proof brands that stood out from the rest of the cliché. VERSE is synonymous with diversity, expression, style, empowerment and modern values that our consumer embody. 

Ciara Shah Founder / CEO of VERSE

I created the name VERSE because it represents the values that matter to me and to a modern consumer. Vegan, Ethically Produced, Reduced Waste, Sourced Local and Empowering. 

VERSE began with 1 store in the heart of Amsterdam and quickly grew to a second location, however when the pandemic hit, I decided to pull the plug on the bigger location to save my costs and not run into debt and took the time to review the business model we were working with and made some tweaks that have led me to where we are today. 

We have one store in De Pijp, Amsterdam, in a bustling local and global neighbourhood as well as an online store that services a global audience. Aside from that we launched a B2B arm which focuses on introducing our brand portfolio to like minded retailers and partners across our markets as well as bolstering and facilitating PR and influencer activities. I believe that the way to make impact is to create opportunity for our brands and increase their visibility, i guess we have succeeded but there's a long way to go. Thank you for being a part of this journey and we are exciting to show you all the things that we have planned. 


XOXO Ciara