Our Values

Rome wasn't built in a day but we are convinced that we are onto something with our value system. 


Sometimes sustainability can be a mind blowing terminology. There are so many opinions about what defines a sustainable product. We, at Verse have a unique perspective on this. Our belief is that with a combination of 5 pillars we can create a harmony within the fashion industry and society whilst contributing to positive sustainable change. Products that we add to our curation can be either one of the below or a combination of values ( the more the merrier )


  1. Plant Based : These are products that are derived largely from plant, vegetable or other natural sources making them animal friendly and planet friendly due to the fact that they biodegrade. Win-Win
  2. Reduce. Reuse. Reverse : This pillar comprises products made from end stock materials, post consumer waste, recycled materials and upcycling
  3. Fair Wear : Product which does not compromise workers rights to safe, dignified, properly paid employment
  4. Inclusivity : Brands that are owned by people of colour, encourage people of colour & are diverse in their management.
  5. Local : Produce that is created locally ( in our case Europe ) or near our own doorstep stimulating economic value closer to home.
  6. Organic : Product that is created without the use of GMO farmed crops. Free from pesticides, herbicides and other harmful ingredients.