Our Values

Every little counts when it comes to our values. 

Sustainability can seem hard to navigate and we do take it seriously to make sure that we can trust the labels that we are bringing to the world with this platform. Our North Stars are varied and combined can create a product which has the least impact but the most positivity to you, our customers. Here is a list of criteria we look at when deciding which styles and brans to pick for our stores. 


 Made In Europe : Verse Good Store was founded in Amsterdam and even though we expand nationally and globally, it’s still in our core values to support local brands that are made in Europe. Discover clothing brands that are made in Europe like Studio Fantastique, Scandle & more.
Ethical Labour : Curated with love for the people, animals, and our planet. We find our ethical fashion brands, mainly in Europe, to reduce the carbon footprint that the fashion industry is producing and select the best ethical brands for clothing, footwear, accessories, beauty, and wellness that care about the environment, people and aesthetics. Discover our favourites like Veja, Embassy of Bricks and Logs, and Girlfriend Collective for the best ethical fashion made fairly.
Female Empowerment : As a female-founded and female-owned multi-brand retailer, we aim to find other female-founded beauty and fashion brands that are empowering women. Brands like Bits Bodywear, The Oh Collective, and the Girlfriend Collective are female-empowering brands that on daily basis are enhancing women to discover and express themselves. Shop feminist clothing brands, empowering makeup brands and female founded brands at Verse.
Recycled : Waste is a huge problem in the fashion industry, that’s why we believe in brands that are finding ways to reduce clothing waste and its impact on the planet. There is no one answer for how to reduce clothing waste but the recycling plastic and old materials can be one of them. Reduce, reuse, recycle, recover. Find fashion brands that solve a problem and reduce waste like Maium rainwear online and in store now. 
Eco Packaging Purchasing a sustainable item is one thing but we don't want it to be delivered in yet another plastic bag. Eco packaging is becoming a thing and we are here for it! At Verse we support brands that are choosing eco friendly packaging that can be later on easily recycled or de-compost. Discover great examples of zero waste packaging like Axiology online now.
Responsible animal origin : When investing in leather boots or warm and fuzzy, wool sweater, it's important to remember how the industry can treat animals. That's why at Verse Good Store, we only support brands that we can trust. With all the needed certificates, clothing with responsible animal-origin materials. Discover brands like Walk With Me who craft bags from future leather - a leather alternative. Shop our vegan collection here.