• Transparent As Fuck Glass

    Transparent As Fuck Glass

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    How transparent do you want to be? Transparent As Fuck Glass takes see-through to a new level! Drink from this funky glass to amp up your tableware.

    • Medium-sized (Ø: 8,5cm V: 360ml)
    • stylish sleek design for your favorite drinks
    • Manufactured in Italy & decoration made in Germany
    • Long lasting & dishwasher-approved glass and decoration
    • Extra tempered glass for more stability and usability


    Welcome to Yahya Studio ; a creative collective from Offenbach founded in 2023. Focusing on apparel, home goods accessories and artwork in the form of prints and canvases, we always strive for a unique blend of boldness, humour and realism, enriching everyday life with aesthetics and charm. Shop our exclusive cups and glasses from Yahya Studio online now.