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You Are Beautiful Ring

Every piece is 24 carat gold-plated sterling silver with Swarovski stones. This lovely ring has a unique design with a small mirror which will always reflect your beauty.

Made in Germany

Size this ring comes in 2 different sizes:

S-M EU 50
M-L EU 55

Material 24 carat gold-plated sterling silver with Swarovski stones
About the Label :

Founders Joyce Binneboese and Dana Roski created WALD Berlin to empower women with jewellery made by a fair trade collective in Germany.While the inspiration behind WALD’s design stems from all over the world, from the founders’ experiences and travels abroad, the company still has its roots in Germany and is proud to be a fair trade and family-oriented business, supporting women, mothers and grandmothers all over Germany. All the silver and gold, used for our jewellery, is recycled. All manufacturing is done exclusively in Germany.

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