Old Habits Die Hard

OLD HABITS DIE HARD eucalyptus flat cap

This OLD HABITS DIE HARD Unisex Eucalyptus Flat Cap draws inspiration from the old Dutch farming hats that have been around for centuries. This cap is unisex, features a velvet look and has a cotton lining. 

-Velvet look
-Flat hat
-Soft lining

Made from
80% wool, 20% polyamide with a lining of 100% cotton

About the Brand
Old Habits Die Hard, or OHDH, was founded in Amsterdam 2015. They see themselves as enthusiasts, lovers, but mostly take great pleasure in creating fashion that we believe in. At OHDH, they are constantly looking for new trends, designs, colours and fabrics which they are using as inspiration for our products. They want to respond to the current hypes with an “old habits” twist. They don’t work according to the existing rules, meaning they shall not present a collection each season. They live in the moment, design in the moment and will launch their products at the right moment.

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