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Kinfill Homecare Refill Set of 2

The refill sets are a must have for anyone who wants to use a cleaning product which looks immaculately designed, smells divine as well as much less waste over the long term. All products are vegan and cruelty free. All product is made in small controlled batches and processed by hand. The refills are for use in the forever bottle. 


- 2 concentrate bottles - please select the purpose


Made In

Haarlem, Netherlands


Made From 

Kinfill have replaced palm oil and chlorides with sugar surfactants and citric acids. This makes Kinfill 100 per cent biodegradable and safe for daily use.       

Care Instructions

Just twist the nozzle on one of the forever bottles, and decant a concentrate into the bottle, mix with water, shake up and use. Once a refill is needed, you can purchase the refills as separate pieces. 

About the brand

Kinfill is a design brand that have designed effective cleaning concentrates from clean ingredients that are kind to your home, to animals and to our planet. Oh, very easy on the eye too.