Kind Planet Company

Power Balm (50 ml)


Not only is this balm 100% organic, but it can also be used for literally almost anything. Whatever needs healing, hydrating, or protecting - this powerful balm will do it. Power Balm is made from organic Red Palm and plant oils, shea butter, vegan wax and an uplifting aromatherapy blend; soothing your skin whilst also smelling amazing. Don't worry - this palm oil is fully sustainable, fully traceable, and organic. Kind to the planet, kind to the skin.

Made from
- Organic red palm
- Shea butter
- Rosehip oil 
- Hemp 
- Jojoba oil
- Mandarin essential oil 
- Lavender essential oil
- Frankincense essential oil 

About the Brand 
The kind Planet Company features one product only: their legendary palm oil with 'palm done right'. With higher levels of vitamins A & E than any other plant-based oil, Kind Planet Company's Red Palm is the most sustainable palm oil in the world, ensuring full traceability from soil to skin.

Made in Ghana