Indi & Me

INDI & ME Birthstone Bracelet January Garnet

This INDI & ME January Birthstone Bracelet is adjustable, 18 gold-filled and features dark red garnet gemstones.

Garnets are used to assist on a energetic level to build self-confidence, inspiration and creativity. 

-Gemstone feature
18 gold-filled
-Adjustable length 17-19cm
-Real gemstones can vary a bit from colour and shape, but that’s what makes them unique!


Made from
18k gold-filled
Dark red garnet gemstones

Made in
Hand made in Amsterdam

About the Brand
INDI & ME is an Amsterdam based jewellery brand. It started with their search for 'things that make you happy', they created the brand with the goal to pass on the treasures in life. The materials they use are 18K and 24K gold-filled and real gemstones, made by mother nature! Almost all of their jewelry is made by hand with a lot of love and joy, in which they hope to spread happiness into the world.

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