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I.AM.Caps 5-Pack Tasting Kit

I.AM.Caps is our healthy alternative for coffee! They offer 5 delicious flavours to explore - here's the chance to taste them all. This set contains 5 x 10 capsules for your Nespresso machine (1 box of each flavour).


- Compatible for Nespresso® Coffee Machines
- Capsules are biodegradable in an industrial composting plant


Made from

I.AM.beetroot: 100% beetroot

I.AM.matcha: 100% Matcha

I.AM.turmeric: 100% Turmeric

I.AM.ginger: 100% Ginger

I.AM.chai: Black tea, cinnamon, lemongrass, ginger, cardamom

About the brand

I.AM.caps was founded by three generations of life enthusiasts in search of alternatives to coffee. They were determined to offer a healthy refreshment in the form of a biodegradable capsule. With different flavours and bright colours, they aim to inspire and bring happiness to their customers.

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