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Scroll through Netflix and be faced with documentaries about fast fashion, the problems we face due to over consumption and the growing demand for influencer driven products, without an insight into how the products get made and into your favourite e-tailer.

At Verse we believe that it’s our planet and our voice. As a global collective we have the power to make a change in the way we make purchases, and how these purchases affect the micro and macro economics of our lives. Ever think to yourself, “who made my clothes?, “what is this made of”, “how do they even make this?” Well, Verse is here to answer some, if not all, of those questions. Verse is a line up of the smartest, most ethical brands and products with a story that we can find, with an emphasis on local sourcing.

When searching for a product that is environmentally friendlier( because let’s face it, there is no such thing as perfect), or ethically manufactured, or made in smaller, more precise batches. Hand crafted beautiful pieces that have a certain nostalgia, and feeling of pride attached to it. Verse curates a selection of the best finds, and lets you, our customer, our kings and queens make the choice, on how you would like to shop better.

We create easy to understand choices to help you shop our ethical fashion, we define via different criteria the types of products you can shop in order to make better decisions for people and the planet.

  1. natural fibres : better for our body, better for the planet
  2. fair trade : ensures timely payment for suppliers, safer working conditions
  3. recycled fibres : uses some of our waste and turns it into second use products
  4. vegan : vegan friendly products, no animals were harmed.

We define Clean Beauty as natural beauty products, driven by organic ingredients, fresh and local brands. Plastic free accessories and cruelty free or vegan friendly skincare. We strive to stop micro fibres entering the ocean as much as possible and to keep our skin feeling good inside and out.

The fabrics that we are obsessing over are anything organic, and soft. Organic Cotton, Linen, Tencel, Lyocell, and Bamboo are currently our go to’s. We are also seeing more and more innovations in sustainable fibres such as Refibro or recycled PET.

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