Verse is the one stop shop for the consumer who cares about what they put on their body. We scour the world to gather the finest, smartest, caring - ist brands in ethical fashion, clean beauty and local goods because we all want things worth having. Sustainable fashion and style is what we are here to help you achieve. 
Shop your values in store or online. We have two stores in Amsterdam and a global web store, with a team on hand to answer any questions that you may have. 
Natural Fibres  - Organic Cotton, Linen, EcoVero, Tencel, Organic Denim
Recycled -  PET bottles, Recyled Leather, EcoNyl, 


Vegan - Cruelty Free, Leather Free, Natural Fibres 


Local - Low Carbon Footprint, Supporting Local Businesses


Fair Trade - Good Labour Conditions, Fair pay at Supply Chain and Vendor


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