Standards & Sustainability




Verse is a universal platform driven by social, environmental and intersectional sustainability. Our mission is to offer a highly curated choice in good fashion to offer the alternative to fast fashion and to bigger brands who product unsustainably.

Every little counts. As style lovers first and foremost we believe that style and substance go hand in hand. Consumers should be able to rock fashion that reflects their true values. We, at Verse are constantly challenging the status quo to discover and re discover ways to make our wardrobes and lifestyles more sustainable.


Impact is universal. Every second a garbage truck full of clothing is dumped or destroyed in landfills around the world. Conventional brands over product to put economic growth above humanitarian growth. Only 1% of fashion produced globally is made from recycled materials. We can all drive this number up collectively and stimulate a reusable economy reversing the damage for our future generations.


Innovation is paramount. As our collective conscious becomes more woke ( it’s about time !) we have access to innovations that will change our life and mind forever. Gone are the times of sacrificing style to be sustainable. Wear shoes made from plant based leathers such as apple, corn waste or mushroom. Choose clothing made from sustainable textiles such as Lyocell, Ecovero and Re-cashmere.


Health is wealth. Following on the transparency and regulation of the food industry we believe its as important to worry about what we put on our body as well as in our body. Taking a healthy standpoint and wellness first objective to consumption is for us a holistic approach to doing good, looking and feeling good.


Nobody can be 100% sustainable, thats not what we’re after. But we do think that huge impact can start with supporting the change makers, swapping out your wardrobe in stages to have a more healthy one in the future. We also believe its not just about the world, its also about you. We spend time and effort on fitness, wellness and eating clean ; why not treat our wardrobe & bodies in the same way. 

We want to make sure that you guys get the best choice, a premium experience and feel confident about the purchases you make. The fashion industry has leaps and bounds to go, be proud that you are a game changer and leading your consumption with consciousness.


Thank you for joining us on this journey,
Ciara Shah - Founder/ CEO