Bits Bodywear

Bits Bodywear is a female-founded brand that wants you to feel comfortable and sexy in your underwear, the base of any of your outfits. Created by three friends who wanted to redefine women’s underwear with a wide range of organic, colorful, and sustainable undies that will be flattering for everybody. Soft, sexy, and sustainable - Bits Bodywear uses only GOTS organic cotton and sustainable Tencel and has antibacterial properties that will assure you that you are wearing the most practical and the most comfortable underwear there is. Without any lace, but still the cutest it can get. Bits Bodywear's vision is after all: “Practical is cool. Comfortable is Sexy.”

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Very friendly service. Wonderful products!

- Marina Smallwood

Really nice brands and clothing and the staff is so friendly and helpful!

- L Coumans

Besides the nice product offering, the service is very reliable, speedy delivery and smooth shopping experience.

- Alejandra