In the name of the series, Verse explores topics like lifestyle, environmentalism, and feminism. This week we answer the question: what is intersectional feminism? Welcome to our uniVerse!

What is Intersectional Feminism?

In short, intersectionality applies to making feminism more diverse and inclusive. Intersectionality takes into account that factors like race, class, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation have an impact on the oppression and discrimination individuals experience, and whether equal opportunities are created. Feminism advocates equality, and adding the intersectional approach to that means taking into account that people with different backgrounds have to deal with different issues. Think of it as a person being in the middle of an intersection; where all different directions make up their unique identity.

Kimberlé Crenshaw coined the term intersectionality in 1989 to describe how systems of oppression overlap to create distinct experiences for people with multiple identity categories. Sounds vague right?! But it makes so much sense though.

Applying intersectional feminism

If we understand intersectionality, we are on to our next step; how do we apply intersectional feminism?

For us at Verse, we take into account that the brands we carry are size-inclusive, treat the people who make the goods well, or we support brands that have women or people of colour in charge and employ diverse teams. Exercising the intersectional approach in your daily life can be applied in the way you consume, who you support, or any other way that is applicable to your unique lifestyle. Everything is literally intersectional. 

Our intersectional feminism top tips

In what ways can you apply intersectional feminism in your daily life? Our friends over at TheTittymag.com cover intersectional feminism in art, they are an absolute must-follow in our opinion! Founded by Cathelijne Blok in Amsterdam you cannot go wrong with this pink power platform.


Another platform that is close to our heart is the Instagram account of @intersectionalenvironmentalist, where intersectionality and environmentalism crossways. Founded by Leah Thomas you can check out the brand new book available at bol.com.

For an interesting listen go over to Feminism in India on Spotify, and look for their Intersectional Feminism - Desi Style!’ podcast.