Sustainable Sneakers

Sustainable sneakers have never looked that good. Doesn’t matter if you are looking for a perfect pair of white sneakers, sustainable running shoes, or sustainable outdoor footwear, at Verse we make sure that each pair is as eco-friendly as it’s stylish. Discover our collection of sustainable women’s sneakers from the best sustainable sneakers brands like Veja and its signature models like Veja V10, V12, and Veja Campo, Flamingo’s, Filling Pieces, and recycled sneakers check out Mercer Amsterdam.  

Find the perfect pair of sneakers from sustainable brands online. Shop best-sellers from brands like Veja and Filling Pieces online at



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Very friendly service. Wonderful products!

- Marina Smallwood

Really nice brands and clothing and the staff is so friendly and helpful!

- L Coumans

Besides the nice product offering, the service is very reliable, speedy delivery and smooth shopping experience.

- Alejandra