Kings of Indigo

KINGS OF INDIGO scarf blue unisex

This KINGS OF INDIGO scarf in collegiate Blue is a unisex style, it is a finely knitted scarf made with 100% recycled materials. 

-Made from Sustainable fabric


Made of
100% recycled materials
70% wool
25% polyamide 

Made in

About the Brand
King of Indigo produce quality wear for the next era, which means finding new, more sustainable ways to produce. this is their top priority. The try to take a leading role in this, inspiring other brands to follow them when it comes to sustainable production. This is why they are 100% transparent about every step of the production chain. Their ultimate goal is to be the number one sustainable jeans & lifestyle brand in the world!

They produce quality products that are long-lasting, durable pieces. They stimulate people to be selective in what they buy and to wear their clothing for more than just a season or two.

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