Our Story

We are an Amsterdam based contemporary sustainable sock wear label. Our goal is to change the rules of the sock wear game.

In search for fashionable socks that stand the test of passing seasons, we found there were none that fit our style and demands for design, quality, innovation and sustainability. Inspired by fashion and the growing trend to accessorize our lifestyles we decided to launch Qnoop. Bold designs, but wearable. Superior organic quality and comfort. And smart innovation.

Qnoop stands for ‘button’ in Dutch (well, normally spelled with a ‘k’), because we design all our socks with a button and a custom-made button loop.

Fosbury flop

Thinking differently we came up with our Fosbury Flop. Designing socks with a button and a button loop. By tying together both socks they will always stay a couple. In your laundry, when drying and in your drawer. Solving the problem of the missing sock once and for all. Be smart, save time matching your socks and spend it doing things you love.

Organic Cotton

Top-notch quality and comfort are our first priority. We therefore take our finest selection of 100% organic cotton straight to the barbershop to thoroughly comb every fiber. Each pair is steamed and pressed before sending it off to you. Nice and soft for your daily routine.

Bio Button

We developed a button that is made of biodegradable materials, such as recycled cotton fibres and paper waste. As strong as any other button, but no plastic leftovers in our oceans.

Gift Wrapped

We consider packaging an inseparable part of our product. Our socks are always gift wrapped in a firm folding box or a gift-bag made of recycled cardboard. Our socks come as a present, whether you buy them as a gift to a dear friend or a treat to yourself.


It is part of our mission to make a contribution to cleaning up the production chain for textiles. We do this by using organic yarns, bio-degradable buttons, recycled- labels and packaging. And also by making sure socks are not thrown away because one sock is missing. We continuously strive to keep our footprint smallest possible by being smarter and more innovative.

Dutch design

We are founded and based in the heart of Amsterdam. We believe in the simple, not the complex when it comes to design. We aim to be bold and pure at the same time. To guarantee true European craftsmanship and quality we produce in Portugal. A country which carries a rich history in sock making.

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