• Sol Earring Powder Pink (per piece)
  • Sol Earring Powder Pink (per piece)

Sol Earring Powder Pink (per piece)

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Complete your style with these 🤩 handmade Sol Earrings! Featuring a mint green color, these 👉 Amsterdam-made earrings are sure to give you a splash of fun and flair. And with their lightweight design, you can feel comfortable looking good all day. 🌱

Material : Gold stainless steel and biological resin

About The Label : 

Founded in 2020, Felt Atelier is an Amsterdam based jewellery brand that makes all jewellery by hand in their own atelier. Felt has taken a more light-hearted approach. ‘Feeling every little thing’ is the acronym of the jewellery brand which showcases the idea of celebrating all feelings. Felt is there to provoke positive feelings in a world where greyness & dullness is taking over. Felt brings colour, gold, and joy, with a quirky elegance. Striving to make the world and your mind brighter and lighter. All while making you look good. Aside from being hand crafted the brand values inclusivity and diversity putting representation at the forefront of their narrative.