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March 30, 2020 3 min read

"One thing that this Covid 19 crisis is teaching us, it's the power of the home work out, and doing more with less"


During long days inside ( our apartment's in Amsterdam feel smaller than ever ) we have to take the opportunity daily to centre, stretch and get our blood flowing and there are tons of tools, some which are even free, during these times, to get you in the vibe. 

Personally I have always been an avid fan of hot yoga, movements in Amsterdam is my go to. I actually worked on the branding and direction with the founders back in 2015 when i first started my journey with Verse. I find the twisting and back bending in this hot room, to be almost euphoric and endorphin creating. 

Since we cannot head over to our favourite hot yoga studio during this crisis, we have to look towards the tools we have, our immediate surroundings and our own living room. I was flying back from Sri Lanka on the 18th of March and after 2 weeks of swimming, eating the freshest food and taking long walks on the beach, i had to quickly adapt to the new normal, and started to check out my favourite studios, what they offer and then explore outside my normal boundaries. 

"Amsterdam has some of the best fitness in the world ( in our humble opinions), so take this opportunity to dive into some of my favourites and explore new ways to move that booty "

1) Vondelgym for all the crossfit junkies, pro food and nutrition tips, and loads of fun banter for Dutchies (it's mostly in Dutch by the way ). We also have a discount for all Vondelgym members at our stores. 

2) Delight Yoga authentic yoga & ayurveda to find inner peace. They have an online platform for classes called The House of Yoga which is immaculately styled, and Kina is one of my favourite teachers, her voice is like listening to bliss. I was pretty amazed to see that it was 1 euro for the first month membership, also to give back during these times. Double Win. 

3) Alo Yoga check out their free Youtube channel- seriously dope flows !




What in the world is one to wear, well i guess that since we are staying in much more than ever, the work out outfit, never became more relevant as day wear. If you have a zoom conference call, you can hop down and get some burpees in between meetings. 


1) Colorful Standard: their pre washed organic cotton tee's are everything. They are pre washed and that means that they have no shrink left in them, they are ultra soft, breathable and the colors are so contemporary and on point. 

2) Likewise Label : local Amsterdam brand creates reversible and recycled activewear with premium elevated color palettes and fits. 

3) Veja Sneakers : these cult classics are the hero in the sustainable footwear world. We happen to stock a ton of new styles which are softer, more flexible and easier to work out in, like the SDU. 


So stay safe, stay indoors as much as possible but take your time to enjoy your flow, and feel good while you find new ways to flex your body.