Prinsengracht 581-1 



Mon - Sat 10,30am - 18.30pm

Sun 13.00 - 18.00pm


Letter from our founder


Dear beautiful visitors, 

First and foremost welcome to Verse, a uniVERSE of sustainable and ethical fashion, clean beauty and local goods defined by your diversity. Verse started as an ideology, that people can be conscious inherently by being presented with better products. Products that have a story, a better production process and brilliant design. Products that have real people at the forefront of change. 

I am proud that now Verse has a fully fledged flagship store in the heart of one of my favourite cities Amsterdam, and an online store that brings together brands with the same mission. A mission that unites style and sustainability. 

I started this journey after many years working in an industry that feeds itself to constantly need change, updates and better, more and more and more. I strongly believe that we can accept our diversity, represent our own unique styles, and buy quality instead of throw away fast fashion and that sustainable fashion does not have to break your bank account. Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world, its a fact, and sustainability is still a conversation that we have to openly have together. There is no black and white and no 100% in this discussion. Just steps towards better. So lets make magic together, and have a bloody good time while we try. 

For now enjoy browsing our products and for the future, we hope to see you all in person in our experience stores. 


Lots of love and keep shining people 

Ciara XOX