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February 23, 2021 4 min read

Key Takeaways

  • Regular beauty products are toxic
  • Clean beauty is better for your health
  • Clean beauty is better for the environment

What is clean beauty?

Phrases like ‘natural makeup’ and ‘clean beauty’ are thrown around a lot in today’s marketing world, but what do they actually mean? The answer should be simple, but in a society where the definition of ‘natural’ can be determined by each company, this can be tricky.

Regardless,true clean beauty means the product reliesonly on natural ingredients rather than synthetic ones. But since there are no strict regulations for companies advertising their products as “natural” or “clean”, a product can be advertised as such despite having some synthetic or toxic ingredients. 

As we will shortly go into, thesetoxic ingredients can havedevastating effects on both your health and the environment. At Verse, we are dedicated to finding only the truly natural products for which the benefits are endless.


Toxic ingredients in your makeup and beauty products

The creamy goodness that you carefully apply to your face everyday should be enriching you on both the inside and out. But if you’re using regular beauty products, you could be smearing some pretty harmful substances into your skin. 

These could include:

  • Synthetic preservatives designed to increase shelf-life.
  • Artificial colorants for those bright, bold colours in makeup.
  • Artificial fragrances made from a cocktail of chemicals that brands don’t have to list on their packaging.
  • Heavy metals like lead and arsenic. While these do exist minimalistically in nature, larger doses can lead to health problems.

Synthetic fragrances in makeup and skincare have been linked toheadaches and migraines, while the artificial preservatives and dyes can causeskin irritation

But in extreme cases, artificial ingredients can have more serious impacts. A 2016 study inEnvironmental Research looked into the effects of a synthetic preservative called parabens on pregnant women. The study found that parabens can be linked to thedisruption of reproductive hormones and may increase the risk of adverse birth effects. 

While many of the synthetic ingredients in regular products pose little threat to you in small doses, some chemicals found in cosmetics have been linked to causingcancer

The European Union has some of the strictest guidelines in the world for chemicals that may be used in cosmetics, but this does not prevent companies from using synthetic ingredients all-together.

At Verse, we care about using only natural ingredients that provide long term benefits for your health and the environment. That is why we sift through the thousands of products claiming to be clean and select only those which adhere to our standards. 

Take, for instance, theRice Powder Blush & Bronzer by Ere Perez. It’s our go-to pop of colour to bring out the best in your features without any worries of nasty hidden ingredients.


How your beauty products are damaging the environment

Thetoxic chemicals used in regular makeup and skincare products are not only harming your skin — they’repolluting the environment too. When synthetic ingredients wash down drains and spill into the oceans, they can upset eco systems andkill many aquatic species. Should the same toxins leak into farmlands, livestock can suffer reproductive complications and even developcancer


Theplastic microbeads in facial cleansers often also end up in the sea, where turtles and other creatures ingest them. Over time, the beads build up andblock their digestive systems causing them to die. The same thing happens with wet wipes, earbuds and many more beauty products we thoughtlessly throw in the trash or wash down the drain. 


The impact that chemically-induced beauty products are having on the environment is colossal. Most of us have seen images of the dying coral reefs and washed up sea creatures with stomachs full of plastic. This must stop.


At Verse, we are actively working to reverse some of the horrifying things happening to our planet today, and it starts with a simple choice. That is, to choose products free from chemicals, plastics and toxins that damage ecosystems around the world. Products like theRaw Coffee Body Scrub by grums, for example, which uses crushed coffee rather than plastic microbeads to cleanse your skin. 

 A tube of raw coffee body scrub by Grums


Health benefits of using natural beauty products

Clean beauty products have a vast range of benefits for your skin and health, as they contain natural oils thatmoisturize your skin for that effortless healthy glow. Other ingredients like fruits, vegetables and honey nourish your skin with a boost ofvitamins, giving you a natural radiance. Avoiding the side-effects of toxic ingredients is an added bonus that can be life changing for those with sensitive skin.


Natural beauty products often use oils like:


  • Avocado oil
  • Shea butter
  • Rosehip oil
  • Jojoba oil


Studies have shown these to containanti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and skin-repairing properties. Avocado oil helps protect skin against ultraviolet radiation and shea butter boosts collagen production — both of which reduce wrinkles. Rosehip oil is packed with vitamins that your skin loves and jojoba oil is anti-bacterial. 


So, if you’re in the mood for a little eye drama and want to take care of your skin at the same time, use products like theJojoba Eye Pencil by Ere Perez.

 Jojoba eye pencil from Ere Perez

 Other natural ingredients:


  • Honey — moisturizing and healing
  • Charcoal — cleanses skin
  • Aloe vera — anti-inflammatory, moisturizer, healing, fights aging
  • Green tea — protects against skin cancer, fights aging, treats acne
  • Cucumber — anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, fights aging.


We couldn’t possibly list the benefits of every natural ingredient out there, but these are some classics that we just love. 


The benefits of clean beauty in a nutshell

The adverse effects of synthetic ingredients in makeup and beauty products are broad, from harming your health to damaging the environment. In contrast, the benefits of clean beauty products that useonly natural ingredients are overwhelming. 


In short, clean beauty has two simple yet immensely important benefits: they arebetter for your health andbetter for the environment. Why pour money into a product that might actually be damaging your skin when you can invest in one that you know is nourishing your body and leaving little impact on the environment too?


For us, the choice is clear. Clean beauty all the way.

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